The renovation of Parliament Building, Helsinki

We began renovations of the main Parliament House with preparations in spring 2014. Work tunnels were excavated beneath the building at that time also. The repair work proper began in spring 2015. The work was completed in summer 2017.

The Parliament Building was completed in 1931. Its main building has never been fully renovated before. For instance, the technical building systems were the original ones, the basement was cramped, and the interior and the facades, along with their stairs, required renovation or restoration.

We have strong experience in technically demanding, versatile and extensive renovation projects. We ensure that the entire contract is carried out on schedule and with high quality and cost efficiency.

When the renovation was completed, the Parliament had fully restored and energy-efficient premises. Accessibility also  improved, as the southern lift tower was renovated to accommodate larger lifts and a service lift.

One of the most demanding parts of the contract was the expansion of the narrow pipe tunnel in the basement area, which required excavation in an area sensitive to vibration. A large part of the project involved replacement of the entire technical building systems, such as the heating and ventilation systems, and integrating all of these new systems into the old structures.


"Both the site and the project are unique in Finland in many ways. The Parliament Building is a unique part of our national heritage, and it is subject to continuous publicity. The museal protection results in its own challenges. The seasons and humidity conditions will change during the project, but the indoor conditions must continuously be in such a state that the works of art and specially treated surfaces do not suffer. The schedule of this major project is another challenge; this is why we chose the supplier well in advance in order to ensure a shared clear insight into the details even before the work begins," says Hannu Peltonen, Project Manager at the Parliament.

While the renovation was done, the Parliament was relocated to the Sibelius Academy building, where we altered the concert hall to serve as a Session Hall during the winter of 2014–2015.



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Renovating the Parliament Building
Parliament of Finland
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