Renovation contracts

Renovation contracts

Tailored quality through cooperation

No matter what your renovation contract is like, we already have the experience.
We master contracts comprehensively.

A combination of segment-specific specialty competence and comprehensive renovation project services

As one of the largest renovation project actors in Finland, our operations cover a wide range of building construction and infrastructure construction. We combine our segment-specific specialty competence and offer tailored renovation project services according to the needs of the renovated location or customers regardless of the geographical location.

User-orientation and minimal distractions are guaranteed by mutual planning

When properties are at least partially used during a renovation project, our strong project management experience comes in handy. As we act in a user-oriented manner, the customer and partners are involved already in the planning phase, so that the construction and work phases are planned together from the beginning in a way that causes the least amount of disturbance.

Contact us and let’s realise your contract according to your specific needs!

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Kalevi Stenman
Renovation Services, Offices and retail premises
Helsinki metropolitan area
Kari Löytynoja
Building Construction
Häme and Southeastern Finland
Janne Korja
Building Construction
Jyrki Meri
Building Construction
Southwestern Finland
Marjaana Nissilä-Ryytty
Building Construction
Mikael Snellman
Building Construction
Jani Knuuttila
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Building Construction
Oulu and Lapland