Tripla green roofs, Helsinki

We built a hectare of green roofs at Tripla, featuring various plants, ranging from meadow flowers to medium sized trees.

Green roofs help rainwater management by holding rainwater, protecting the waterproofing elements of the roof and, thus, extending its service life, reducing noise, acting as a carbon sink and cleaning the air by absorbing particulate emissions and dust.

A hectare of green roofs in the city centre

At Tripla, green roofs feature various layers as well as many species of trees, shrubs and perennials. Tripla’s green areas across its three blocks form an area of about one hectare built on roof structures. The most extensive green areas consist of the residential yard and the roof gardens in the middle block and the Pasila station. The Music Museum Fame and the access ramp to the Firdonkatu parking hall also feature green roofs. There are also large planted areas on Fredikanterassi as well as between the blocks.

The vegetation on the Tripla green roofs was designed to be very diverse and dynamic. This means allowing nature to make the decisions; the most successful plants replace the ones that can’t hold their own. We chose a layered planting technique and a large number of species, ranging from flowers to trees, to meet the challenging conditions of the green roofs, from scorching heat to heavy wind and rain. Only time will tell which plants will thrive and which will not.

The roofs will be evergreen and colourful. They’ll be easy on the eye and an excellent habitat for different insects.

Stoneworks and construction of green areas

Green roofs increase biodiversity in cities


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Tripla green roofs
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