Seinäjoki station area, Seinäjoki

We are developing the Seinäjoki station area and creating new spaces for housing, services and businesses. We will also create more parking space.

We are implementing a project in connection with Seinäjoki station as a turnkey contract.

It consists of a Family Service Centre Aallokko (for the City of Seinäjoki), which is 8,400 gross m2, office premises, retail premises, restaurants and a separate office building of 10,000 gross m2. We will also build a parking facility for 450 cars. In addition, three residential buildings will be built in the project.

The total value of the project is around EUR 100 million and it will be completed in the end of 2024. 

The station area has more than 2 million passengers
a year.

The construction of the city centre-side blocks in the Seinäjoki station area is divided into four phases. The first phase involves the construction of a landmark called Veturikortteli (Locomotive Quarter) with the Aallokko family service centre, an office and commercial building including Asematalo, a residential apartment building, and a parking garage.

The first phase covers a total area of around 40,000 m2. The project will be completed in phases, with architectural design by OOPEAA and construction by YIT.

Sustainability and LEED Gold

The objective is to earn the LEED Gold certification for Aallokko and Asematalo.

Carbon footprint calculations are used in choosing materials that place less burden on the environment. In the choice of building materials for the Veturikortteli block, the aim is to use building products with the most comprehensive EDP verification possible, so that their environmental impact can be reliably verified. In the construction of Veturikortteli, such products include plaster board and soft insulation.

Wind-generated electricity is the only source of energy used at construction sites, and adjustable site lighting has minimised electricity use outside construction periods. The use of extendable steel beams for piling saved steel. At least 75% of the construction waste at a construction site is being sorted for recycling.

Veturikortteli's free apartments and business premises

Seinäjoki station area is becoming a model of sustainable urban development


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