Veturikortteli – Seinäjoki’s
new, majestic landmark

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Veturikortteli, the block of great homes and business premises at Seinäjoki station

The Seinäjoki station area is facing a complete makeover. Veturikortteli rises as a landmark of the area, which will be seen by everyone in Seinäjoki, whether they are residents, visitors or just admiring the area from the train window.

Veturikortteli is a hub of modern housing, versatile services and flexible business premises. Cozy city homes with all the comforts necessary to ease daily life will be built on the block. A big part of everyday ease is that most of the services valued by residents are located in the same block. Spaces have already been tentatively reserved for a health clinic and a daycare.

There is approximately 8,200 m² of business premises at the Station House. The center of growth-oriented Seinäjoki is a great place to do business. Over 2 million passengers a year travel through the train station alone. The business premises are state of the art, inviting and safe. The business premises’ central location, great transport connections and good parking spaces make the block the engine of the growing Seinäjoki center.


apartments in the heart of Seinäjoki

~ 8,200 m²
~ 8,200 m²

office and service space

Supreme transport connections
Supreme transport connections

next to Seinäjoki train station

  • Apartments
  • Service space
  • Offices
  • Good transport connections

Estimated schedule for construction

        What and to whom

        The new level of housing and business premises in Veturikortteli!
        The new level of housing and business premises in Veturikortteli!
        Asumista paraatipaikalla Sienäjoella

        Living in a dream location

        Three stylish apartment buildings will rise on Veturikortteli, from which getting your own home is a care-free choice. Large windows and bright rooms make the apartments in Veturikortteli cozy nests, in which life is good and the daily life runs smoothly. Carefully planned layouts, glass-screened balconies and high-quality materials create a cozy home to live in.

        Uusissa toimitiloissa on tekemisen meininki

        New and productive business premises

        Seinäjoki is a good place to operate a business and Veturikortteli’s Station House’s 8,200 m² of business premises offer you great space. The business premises of the new age are functional and efficient, and their modern solutions make your working productive. Safety and comfort have been especially taken into consideration in the design. When the location is also this perfect, it’s always a pleasure to come to work at the Station House.

        Maakunnan parhaat palvelut kotiovella

        The best services in the municipality at your front door

        At Veturikortteli, services are only a stone's throw away. The shopping centers, markets, restaurants and movie theaters of Seinäjoki are close by. In fact, the best services and specialty stores in the whole municipality are located right next to your home. During the summer the city is really thriving when Tangomarkkinat, Provinssi, Vauhtiajot and other popular events make Seinäjoki the focal point of Finland.

        Ylivoimaiset liikenneyhteydet

        Supreme transport connections

        When you are in the center of everything, getting around is easy. The train takes you all over Finland and back. There is also a bus station next to Veturikortteli and traveling to all directions by car is fast on the national main roads. Within the city, you can easily reach shops, nature and wherever you want to go by bus, bicycle and on foot.

        Homes and business premises


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