Niemenranta, Tampere

In the last ten years, a whole new district has sprung up on the shores of Lake Näsijärvi in Niemenranta, Tampere.

YIT started work in the area in 2011, and the project is now well over halfway through.

A total of around 2 700 apartments for 4 000 residents will be built in the natural area. This major regional project has put all of YIT's expertise to work by converting an old industrial site into residential use.

The total area of Niemenranta is about 80 hectares. The land-use plan is divided into three areas: Ruukinranta, Kartanonranta and Pursiranta. Construction has now entered the final phase, in the area closest to the beach.

Niemenranta is located about 8 km from the centre of Tampere, in the western part of the city, next to Lake Näsijärvi.

The proximity of the water, nature and the protected Niemi manor area provide a unique environment for living. The services of the Lielahti Regional Centre are less than a kilometre away. The tram will also extend its route to Niemenranta in 2024.


Project name
Niemenranta, Tampere
Project status
Under construction
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