Kaarlo Sarkian katu parking garage, Espoo

We built a parking garage in which each parking space can be equipped with an electric vehicle charging station and there are planting boxes and a pergola on the roof.

Located in Espoo’s Vermonniitty district, the Kaarlo Sarkian katu parking garage features plants in planting boxes on the roof along with a pergola for added appeal. The parking levels are on six half-floors to make efficient use of the available space.

The parking garage has a total of 399 parking spaces, each of which can be equipped with an EV charging station. The entire parking garage is fitted out with charging rails to deliver power to the charging stations. The charging framework supports 40 charging stations in total, but they can be located anywhere in the parking garage.

The facade of the parking garage is made from a baked enamel aluminium lattice and panels, and the building also features an art wall made from glazed ceramics.

The Kaarlo Sarkian katu parking garage is used by the residents of seven apartment building. It is also located in an area dissected by the Monikonpuro brook, which is inhabited by fish.

Foundation engineering in this area requires the use of various reinforcement methods, such as stabilisation, soil replacement and piling – even all of these together on one plot of land. The street network in the area is stabilised and the flood water level on the plots of land can be close to the soil surface.

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Kaarlo Sarkian katu parking garage, Espoo
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