Foundations for Raahe’s wind power turbines in Saravakangas

The Raahe wind farm in Saravakangas is a part of the wind farm portfolio of Tuuliwat, Finland’s largest individual wind power producer. We have carried out the foundation work for Tuuliwat’s parks before in Kalajoki, Ii and Simo.

On the basis of our excellent earlier cooperation, we also carried out the foundation work for Raahe’s wind power turbines in 2016. By the autumn of 2017, all of the turbines were ready and began producing electricity for the national grid.

Utilising bottom conditions

We built the foundations for 13 wind power turbines in Saravakangas, Northern Ostrobothnia. As a model for the foundation work, we used reinforced concrete foundations, both anchored in earth and in rock, in both turbine locations, utilising the prevailing earth conditions while optimising the foundations model. The contract was realised from start to finish (turnkey building), including the responsibility for planning and realisation, with a “keys in hand” attitude.

Less iron and concrete

By optimising the model for the foundation work, we were able to reduce the amount of of materials needed for the construction. The foundations for a wind power turbine must be able to bear large loads in the production phase. This means the foundations are usually massive. By optimising the solution for the foundations to be as small as possible, we protect the environment and reduce construction costs significantly.

Anchoring the foundations in rock was a special feature of the project, and through which we achieved cost savings for the client. The demanding job was completed by YIT’s experienced anchoring team using special equipment. Thanks to our professional project organisation and excellent cooperation, our client has been able to trust that the projects are completed on time, with quality and without compromising safety.

  • 8000 m3 of concrete
  • 10 foundations for wind power turbines anchored in earth and 3 anchored in rock
  • Turbine model: Vestas V126, nominal power 3.45 MW, hub height 137m

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Raahe wind farm in Saravakangas
Tuuliwatti Oy
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