Energy-efficient business premises are a climate-smart choice

Energy-efficient and sustainable business premises

The advantages of new or renovated business premises include energy efficienciency, functionality of the premises, modern building systems and a good location.

Why are new business premises a smart choice from an environmental point of view?

1. A new building is energy efficient

Today, houses are built in accordance with increasingly stringent building regulations. They retain heat better, are more leak-tight and make use of modern technical building systems, so the need for heating energy is lower than in older houses. In addition, state-of-the-art machines consume less electricity and water fixtures less water than before.  

2. Dense construction and a well-thought-out solution reduce emissions

The business premises developed and built by YIT are part of the urban environment and located near good public transport connections, so you can come to work even without your own car. Bicycle storage rooms make cycling easier. The properties also have the possibility to charge electric vehicles. Thanks to smart solutions for business premises, everything you need can often fit even in the smallest space.

3. Emission-free geothermal heat and geothermal cooling

In YIT’s new self-developed business premises, geothermal heat is always chosen as the heating system whenever possible. In the summer, the system is used for cooling, and in the winter for heating. When the geothermal heating and cooling system is used with electricity produced from renewable natural resources, heating and cooling are practically emission-free. In addition, the system’s good coefficient of performance (COP) means that the energy costs of heating and cooling are almost always cheaper than those of district heating/cooling. The system also heats domestic water in an emission-free and affordable manner.

4. Smart buildings are sustainable

Intelligence and data help create more human-centred and flexible offices and a more sustainable built environment. YIT’s Smart Building concept improves the comfort, efficiency, productivity and eco-friendliness of buildings by consolidating the data from all of the building’s technical systems on a single platform. Smart buildings benefit property owners, maintenance providers and users alike.

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