Carbon footprint – this is how we reduce emissions

Influence your carbon footprint

Sustainable business premises require a variety of actions at different stages of the property’s life cycle.

Finns have a large carbon footprint, which is mostly due to Finland’s geographical location. Our climate is cold, which increases the need for heating, among other things, and our country is sparsely populated, which in turn increases the need for long-distance movement and traffic.

However, the proportion of business premises in our carbon footprint is significant, accounting for an average of 38% of the total emissions. The amount of emissions is influenced by, among other things, energy efficiency, the heating system, building materials, and electricity and water consumption. Protecting the planet requires ambitious goals that push us towards even more ecological building construction. 

The most effective way to reduce the carbon footprint is to make environmentally friendly choices, especially with regard to the biggest sources of emission, during the entire building life cycle, i.e., from the planning and construction stage up until the time of building occupancy. It is important for every designer, builder and user of the premises to understand their role in reducing emissions and make efficient and responsible choices. Even small streams make up a big river when choices are made that consistently prioritise responsibility.

The location of business premises also has a major impact on shaping their carbon footprint. Are your current business premises located along pedestrian and bicycle path networks and good public transport connections? It is advisable to also consider these aspects when making decisions about business premises. 

In terms of the environment, the most sustainable approach is to build energy-efficient houses whose life cycle is as long as possible. Therefore, the quality of design and construction, which is important to us, is also a key factor in more ecological construction.