Stevedoring terminal’s reconstruction, Klaipeda, Lithuania

We reconstructed the Ship Stevedoring Company’s container terminal Klaipėdos Smeltė in port city Klaipėda as a part of the company’s development program for 2015-2023.

Klaipėda is the northernmost ice-free port of the eastern Baltic Sea. One of the most important functions of the port is to reload cargoes, therefore since 1945, when Klaipeda Sea Fishing Port was officially established, the Ship Stevedoring Company’s container terminal Klaipėdos Smeltė has been seeking to meet expectations of clients, such as international shipping companies, cargo exporters and importers, Lithuanian and foreign expedition companies.

YIT Lithuania started reconstruction works in April 2019 in Stevedoring terminal. During the implementation of the project, 80,000 square meters of ​​cargo area were renewed. As part of the works, underground sewage networks and lighting was also installed in the terminal.

“This project was special in terms of project management, as it required the involvement and management of a large number of specific work sub-contractors. At the Container Terminal area a task was given to install site pavements specifically designed for extremely high loads. Therefore, innovative practices from other YIT countries' colleagues were reasonably used”, says Aurelijus Braželis, Head of YIT Infrastructure Business in Lithuania.

Demanding worklist in Klaipeda

Container stevedoring and storage sites were installed in the project. A movable stirrer of cold reclaimed mixture was also installed at the construction site. It produced a cement-treated base (CTB) which was installed by the asphalt paver in two layers - wet on wet. During the reconstruction of, a total of about 30 thousand tons of asphalt concrete mixture were used for the renovation of the container storage site.

New water supply, rain-water sewage networks and rain-water sewage purification installations were installed, as well as tanks for dangerous contaminated sewage with automatic shut-off valves were installed. In the structural part special supporting plates for container storage and container stevedoring crane rolling tracks were installed. Communications and electrical engineering parts were also renovated.

The work required adapting to the terminal's work schedule and careful planning of activities.

YIT will carry out the reconstruction of the Klaipedos Smelte Container Terminal

Water works and shoreline construction


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Stevedoring terminal’s reconstruction
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