Tammisairaala – HUS eye hospital, Helsinki

We are building Tammisairaala, the new HUS eye hospital in Meilahti, Helsinki.

Kuva: TYL Arkkitehtitoimisto Tähti-Set Oy ja UKI Arkkitehdit Oy
Kuva: TYL Arkkitehtitoimisto Tähti-Set Oy ja UKI Arkkitehdit Oy

In the hospital, there will be 200 outpatient clinic rooms, 15 operating theatres, a 12-bed inpatient ward, an instruments and equipment maintenance centre and other support facilities as well as a parking hall for approximately 100 cars and a deck yard.

The project is implemented as a cooperative project management contract. The project is now in the implementation phase, preceded by a development phase that lasted about a year. The project is due to be completed in 2024. The hospital has a gross floor area of approximately 36,000 square metres.

The building is located in the vicinity of the HUS Meilahti campus in Helsinki, between Paciuksenkatu and Zaidankatu streets. The hospital building will be a unified entity in its two underground floors and the 1st and 2nd floors. From the third floor upwards, it will be divided into three tower-like parts. The second underground level K1 will feature a loading area for hospital maintenance traffic as well as support facilities.

During the construction period, green electricity is used in the project. The property will be connected to a district heating and cooling network and part of the energy for heating and cooling is produced by a geothermal heat pump.

Patient orientation in design and implementation

The hospital is designed with a particular focus on building users, both hospital staff and patients. For example, eye examinations take place largely in the dark, so lighting design requires special planning. The prevention of glare is also important for patients. One of the themes of the project is light and it has also been taken into account in terms of natural light coming into the break rooms.

The new hospital will combine different areas of ophthalmology under the same roof from seven different sites, which will minimise patients’ need to move from one place to another. In terms of traffic, Tammisairaala is in a challenging location, which is why special attention has been paid to street traffic planning during construction.

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