We have built the well-being centre Sopukka in Sodankylä

Sodankylän hyvinvointikeskus Sopukka
Sodankylän hyvinvointikeskus Sopukka

We have been responsible for the planning and construction of the well-being centre with life-cycle model. We were also be responsible for the buildings' maintenance, upkeep, user services and basic renovation investments during the service contract for the service period of 20 years.

The well-being centre includes Sodankylä emergency clinic, laboratory and radiology departments, dentistry facilities, observation and rehabilitation departments, a child welfare clinic and family service centre. The centre includes general facilities such as a restaurant, group exercise studio and conference rooms that can be rented to local people and businesses in the evenings.

"The PPP model is an economically advantageous solution for the municipality both in terms of investment and utility costs. The well-being centre enables a new operating model for social and health services. The different functions operate in close proximity to each other, which makes it easier for them to cooperate and share resources when necessary," says Matias Yliriesto, Technical Director at the municipality of Sodankylä.

Construction began in August 2017 and the centre was completed in 2019. The total floor area of the building is approximately 6,800 square metres.


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A well-being centre in Sodankylä, Finland
The municipality of Sodankylä
Sodankylä, Finland
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