Logistics centre for Inex Partners, Sipoo

Logistics Centre for consumer goods was a major project in Finland, where the customer expected secure and reliable construction.

YIT won a contract to build an automated consumer goods logistics centre for Inex Partners, a subsidiary of SOK. The large size of the building - ten Finnish Parliaments in cubic metres - and the combination of automation installations and traditional technical building systems required very specific know-how in project planning. Environmental aspects constituted a major consideration in the Sipoo project. A close partnership between the customer and contractor helped to strengthen trust and make the project a success.

The whole Sipoo project is carried out in five stages. In addition to logistics centre for consumer goods built in 2010‒2012, YIT's and Skanska's Freeway consortium is building a grocery logistics center for S Group, of which the first phase of the dry goods warehouse will be completed in 2016.

Sipoo building complex will form a very significant grocery logistics center, as the S Group is currently the market leader in the Finnish grocery trade. The new center will replace the S Group's former logistics center in Kilo, Espoo and is available in its entirety in 2018.


Project name
Sipoo logistics centre
S-Ryhmän Logistiikkakeskukset Oy
Sipoo, Finland
Project status
Business segment
Business Premises