Road maintenance contract, Kotka

We maintain more than 30,000 kilometres of road in Finland. Without road maintenance, the wheels of society would not turn.

The Kotka road maintenance contract has done a particularly good job in terms of quality. Subcontracting has been developed consistently and customer satisfaction in this contract is high. 950 kilometres of roads are maintained around the clock, depending on the weather.

Maintenance work includes various road maintenance tasks, depending on the season. In the winter, the focus is on ploughing and anti-slip work. In the spring, sanding grit is removed from paved roads during the so-called “spring brushing,” bridges are cleaned and gravel roads undergo their usual spring maintenance. In the summer, it’s time to mow, replace road signs and other signs that are in poor shape, repair pavement damage, remove dust from gravel roads and level them, and maintain the road drainage system by, for example, removing the gravel accumulated on the road side, ditching, replacing culverts that are in poor repair, and cleaning rainwater drains. In the autumn, the focus will be on repairing gravel roads by gravelling and levelling them, and preparations will be made for the coming winter by placing marker posts and guide markers for snow clearing along the road sides.

The Kotka road maintenance contract also includes contract-specific special requirements, such as winter maintenance at the Vaalimaa border station, which is the busiest passenger traffic crossing point on Finland's eastern border. The contract also covers two tunnels (Husula and Kolsila), their property management as well as summer and winter maintenance work. The contract includes an obligation to assist in exceptional/disruptive situations with off-road patrols (in case of tunnel closures or traffic arrangements) and to close the tunnel or arrange the necessary traffic controls for service and maintenance work that is done for the tunnels.

In addition to the Facebook page, Instagram is also used as a communications channel in Kotka. Both provide information about the work and what is happening on the road so that road users can better understand the maintenance work.

In Kotka, we have cooperated with the client in environmental matters. Salting in groundwater areas has been reduced and mowing and brushwood cutting have been rescheduled to a later time to protect the living environment of a rare butterfly species.



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Road maintenance contract
Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
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Under construction
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