Renovation of Tallinn ring road, Estonia

YIT renovated the E265 Tallinn Ring Road at Luige–Saku section, which included construction of several overpasses. One over existing road and second over planned line of Rail Baltica. In addition to aforementioned, one underpass for animals.

Tallinnan kehätie / Tallinn Ring Road
Tallinnan kehätie / Tallinn Ring Road

The project covered renovation of existing four-lane, 4.1-kilometre motorway, construction of three grade separations (parallel overpasses in each spot), massive earthworks, cold-in-situ base-course stabilization, paving works, installation of traffic signs, road markings and landscaping.

The renovation will improve road safety with added crash barriers and animal underpass and comfort for road users by measures, such as new street lightning, sound barrier wall, etc.

According to Priit Kuldsaari, YIT's Director of Infrastructure Projects, the most difficult challenge of all Tallinn's ring road projects was traffic management: “The Tallinn ring road is inevitably a very busy road on which traffic cannot be stopped during construction. Because people were the most complex part of all three projects, we had to constantly think about how to build so that there would be no congestion, work could be done and people’s driving time would not be extended, ”says Kuldsaar.

Luige – Saku section on Tallinn ring road is connected to Rail Baltic project in Estonia and includes construction of first Rail Baltic structure - Saustinõmme overpass. A structure, where Rail Baltic cornerstone was laid in the end of 2019, symbolising the launch of RB construction works.

Building Information Model (BIM) was used for construction and the entire design is modelled digitally in 3D. This is a benefit for all involved parties in the project. 3D model is used to specify very accurately fill volumes and locations, for example.

Funding for the project came from Estonian state budget, The Cohesion Fund (CF) and Europian Union via Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

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Renovation of E265 Tallinn Ring Road
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Luige, Saku
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