Perkkaanniitty sports field, Espoo

We built a varied school sports field in Perkkaa, Espoo, near the school and youth centre.

The new sports field in Perkkaa that we built was completed in July 2022. In addition to the actual sports field, the area includes an outdoor gym, long-jump recess and parking areas and alleys around the field.

The field also features artificial ice pipes that make it easier to freeze the field in the winter. In the winter, one half of the field is available for skating and the other half is reserved for snow piling.

The filler for the sports field grass is made from fine, coated mineral aggregates. It is more environmentally-friendly than traditional, black ground rubber and does not float on water.

Lots of meadow was also planted in the area. The total green area of the Perkkaanniitty field is 2,380 m2, of which 1,660 m2 is meadow. The area was also planted with trees, shrubs and perennials approximately 1200 pieces.

Concrete and natural stones was used around the field, e.g. to border the parking area and corridors plus under seating areas. The sports field has 17 luminaires.

The Perkkaa sports field is part of the PPP project for schools in Espoo, in which the service provider delivers functional and healthy premises for approximately 4,000 students to the City of Espoo, taking responsibility for maintenance for 20 years.


Project name
Perkkaanniitty sports field
City of Espoo
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