Multifunctional centre, Pudasjärvi, Finland

Hyvän Olon Keskus in Pudasjärvi will provide a wide range of services for the city’s residents.

Hyvän Olon Keskus will be a multifunctional centre in Pudasjärvi that will include facilities for healthcare, rehabilitation, social services, culture and youth services as well as a library and three business facilities. There will also be retail premises in the building.

The building is being primarily constructed using logs: Pudasjärvi is known as the Log Capital of Finland, and YIT has previously constructed the world’s largest log school campus and a log-built assisted living facility in the town.

The construction of the multifunctional centre began in August 2019 and the building will be commissioned in September 2021.

The construction project is carried out under the PPP model, which includes a maintenance period of 20 years.


Project name
Multifunctional centre, Pudasjärvi, Finland
City of Pudasjärvi
Project status
Under work
Business segment
Business Premises