We were responsible for the construction and foundation reinforcement of southern Vermontie street and the adjoining streets.

Maanrakennustöitä Vermossa / Earthworks in Vermo
Maanrakennustöitä Vermossa / Earthworks in Vermo

The Vermo area in Espoo will become a modern and green urban environment with homes for more than 5,000 new residents in the coming years. The new residential area provides a functioning basic infrastructure: roads, streets, water mains and sewerage. We were responsible for the large-scale infrastructure and green structure construction in the area.

The area is an old seabed, and the earth is very soft. This meant massive stabilisation work and vast flood control measures. Approximately 60 kilometres of reinforced concrete piles and more than 500 kilometres of stabilisation piles were pounded into clay soil. We had a total of 15,000 square metres of pile slabs.

The old Siemens head office was one of the buildings demolished to make room for new apartment buildings. We utilised the created crushed concrete in the structural layers of the streets.

We started the work in spring 2017 and finished in autumn 2018. After that, residential construction in the area was in full swing.

earthworks and foundation engineering


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Construction of southern Vermo
City of Espoo
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