Logistics centre in Arlanda Airport, Stockholm, Sweden

We constructed a new logistics centre in the growing Arlanda airport area in Stockholm to direct the construction sites’ lorry traffic.

“The logistics centre was constructed to avoid traffic congestion in Arlanda. Companies plan their transports and contact the logistics centre to schedule site deliveries. The lorries drive there to receive a time slot when they are allowed to deliver their cargo,” says Site Manager Jan Riddenhäll.

The logistics centre, commissioned by Swedavia, was constructed on top of an old gravel pit. We processed 12,000 solid cubic metres of gravel on site and brought in about 20,000 tonnes of crushed stone. 

The tight schedule and strict environmental regulations made this project challenging.

Work began in mid-June 2017, and the logistics centre began its operations in October, on schedule. “The schedule was tight, but we managed to reach our target with the help of good planning and appropriate resources,” says Riddenhäll.  

The Arlanda Logistics Centre is located within a water protection zone, which was naturally taken into account in the foundation work and the office building construction.

We covered the ditches with rubber fabric, and directed the filtered rain water outside the protection zone. In the office building, the toilets flush with less water than normal, and the water goes directly to a tank. The sewage water is filtered and led approximately 700 metres away from the water protection zone.

  • Logistics centre at Stockholm Arlanda Airport
  • Period of construction: 6/2017–10/2017
  • Customer: Swedavia


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Arlanda Logistics Centre
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