We built four kilometres of the new A14 road in Lithuania.

A long-awaited new motorway was constructed between Vilnius and Utena to replace the old, run-down road built in 1928.

As part of one of the largest construction projects in Lithuania, YIT constructed a four-kilometre section of the road. The road was expanded from two lanes to four, and an underpass and a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists were constructed, as well as local roads with bikeways on both sides of the motorway, noise barriers and a tunnel for small animals. Traffic was completely rerouted to expedite the schedule.

Road safety was also improved. Deer fences border the road on both sides, and ramps are equipped with cattle barriers to keep animals from straying onto the road. Environmental aspects have also been taken into consideration in the event of an accident. On the road, rainwater is directed to the centre of the road, from where it is drained into an oil removal system. The water returns to the environment only after it is cleaned. If there is an accident, water can be retained in the system in order to ensure a sufficient cleaning result. There are four cleaning stations along the road.

YIT has won several traffic infrastructure contracts in Lithuania

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A14 road construction project
Lithuanian Road Administration
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