Houses for sale in Nupuri, Espoo

Nupurila nearby Nuuksio

Idyllic homes close to the nature
Idyllic homes close to the nature
Nuuksio’s nature experiences at your doorstep
Nuuksio’s nature experiences at your doorstep
Ecological living
Ecological living
  • Luonnonrauhaa Nupurissa

    Next door to the fabulous wilderness 

    In Nupurila, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the nature whenever you like, in the way you like. Go hiking or cross-country skiing, walk on duckboards, canoe in the lake and take a refreshing dip in the small pond. Camp, hug trees, lie on moss turf and reach for the sky. Pick berries and mushrooms, enjoy the nature’s superfood and fish. Spot a deer, a red-throated loon or a Siberian flying squirrel. 

  • Nupurissa voi harrastaa

    Nupurila is full of fun activities and adventures! 

    In addition to your own yard, you can visit the nature paths or the bird watching tower nearby. Nuuksio is also a great place for geocaching or trying out climbing. There are lots of options for fitness or sports enthusiasts, for kids and adults: mountain biking, orienteering, riding and Nordic Skating. In addition to exhibitions, Nature Center Haltia also hosts different kinds of hiking routes, starting from the accessible Maahinen tour. 

  • Ekologinen Nupuri

    An ecological residential area 

    In Nupurila, people enjoy the nature in various ways. The environmentally friendly village will utilise ecological and renewable energy. A modern heating solution is designed for Espoon Rentukka, the first project to be constructed in the area. The energy needs of the housing company will be met through renewable energy: geothermal heat and wind power. 

  • Luonto on kosketusetäisyydellä

    Nature at your fingertips in the yard 

    Nature is a part of the outdoor people living here, and birdsong and the crunching snow are daily amenities in this area. The sheltered home and its yard bring you happiness that keeps on growing when you share it. I can put my hands in the dirt in my own yard, grill sausages and heat the sauna. I always enjoy coming back home when I see the familiar bustle of the area and the light in the windows.

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