Buying a New Home

Buying a New Home


Take these 13 important steps and the home you’ve always dreamed of is yours. When you are buying a new home, take the aspects listed here into account to help you make the most important decision of your life.

1. Reserving an Apartment

You can reserve your future home under your own name during the apartment’s pre-marketing phase. Reserving in advance does not commit you to anything and you can cancel the reservation without any necessary explanation. Reserving also guarantees a wider range of options to select from. At this phase, you’ll already have access to preliminary information regarding the apartment (and the whole construction project), such as the estimated completion time.

2. Apartment Sale

The sale can be concluded once the safekeeping documents have been delivered to the bank. The safekeeping documents include, among others, the housing company’s economic plan and articles of association and the method of construction description. Before you sign the deed of sale, the sales personnel will provide you with all the documents that affect the sale. Take your time to review the documents and the deed of sale. The deed of sale will be signed at YIT Homes Sales. When you arrive to the signing, you can also browse our interior decoration materials to your new home. Once the deed has been signed, you’ll get a user ID to the YIT Plus home portal where you can find documents related to your new home in electronic format.

According to YIT’s customer-friendly terms of sale, you’ll pay only 20% of the debt-free price upon concluding the deal. The remainder of the purchase price will be due once your apartment is about to be completed. You will have plenty of time to sell your old home when your new home is being built. Your first opportunity for repayment or to pay the housing corporation loan in full is just before the completion date. Repayment is possible later on as stated in the loan terms.

4. Selecting Interior Decoration Solutions

When you buy a new YIT home before the material order date, you can select your new home’s decoration theme for free or combine materials from different themes according to your own taste. You can select the materials immediately after the sale. We’ve also put a price on some alteration work, subject to an additional fee, that you can order to your home after the sale. Ordering is easy with a form that you can submit to your alteration work engineer or to YIT Homes Sales. The ordering schedule can be found in the alteration work price list. If you want to order individual alteration work to your home, please contact your alteration work engineer to discuss your wishes. The engineer will provide you with a written quote about your alteration wishes. The earlier you state your wishes, the more effect you can have on your new home’s appearance.

Once a quarter of the apartments have been sold, we’ll invite you and the other buyers to a meeting. In the meeting, buyers can select construction observers and auditors as their representatives.

You can familiarize yourself with your future home when it is still being built. Please make an appointment beforehand with the construction site manager.

About six weeks before the apartment’s construction is completed, you’ll receive a letter about moving where we confirm the completion date and inform of the schedule for the remaining instalments.

You’ll have an opportunity to inspect your apartment about a month before moving in. In the inspection, you’ll fill in any possible shortcomings in a form, and we’ll try to fix these issues before you move in.