SUOMI Hloubětín kindergarten, Prague, Czech

We built a kindergarten in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. Its design is Nordic style and empahis was also placed on the use of natural materials.

Kingdergarten is part of the Suomi Hloubětín complex that consist of residential area and commercial spaces. The kindergarten is located in the very center of the complex and in the immediate vicinity of a public park with a playground. From there it is a short walk to the Rokytka river.

The capacity of the kindergarten is almost 100 children. The construction period was between years 2020-2021. The size of the building is 512 m².

Kindergarten was designed by Finnish architect Jyrki Tasa. It was sold to a private investor EduArt who is running a preschool there. Kindergarten participated in the Building of the Year competition.

Design of the kindergarten reflects an elegant Nordic style and emphasis was also placed on the use of natural materials. The facade is made of red cedar wood shingles combined with aluminum sheathing. There is also a lot of wood in the interiors.

The geometry of the building reminds a mushroom in its shape. The dominant element of the interior is central staircase railing, which is conceived as a piano keyboard.

A round skylight and many other windows provide natural light. The rooms are equipped with acoustic ceilings. The floors ensure thermal and sensory comfort, as well as easy maintenance. On the second floor there is a spacious terrace.


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