Salmisaari Sports Centre, Helsinki, Finland

The international-level sports and welfare centre located in Helsinki’s Salmisaari office area serves people interested in various types of exercise.

The Sports Centre includes two ice-hockey rinks, an indoor court for beach volleyball, a fitness centre, versatile dance studio spaces, a bowling alley and a game arena. The centre also has a 32-metre climbing wall, the tallest in Finland.

The facade of the stunning buildings primarily made of weathering steel, while the entrance facade is made of baked adobe and glass. The seven-metre extension’s facade material is made of deep blue sheet metal profile. The exceptionally tall floors that were up to 10 metres in height imposed special demands on spatial planning and construction. The construction’s long span lengths required exceptionally tall steel trusses. The uncluttered steel structure makes the space open, which makes indoor exercise pleasant.

In addition to exercise, the Salmisaari Sports Centre offers welfare services such as massage, hairdressing and restaurants as well as other commercial sports and health services.


Salmisaari Sports Centre, Helsinki, Finland
Completion year
Scope 22,000 m²