Nokia campus, Oulu

We are constructing campus facilities for Nokia in Oulu, featuring new office, laboratory and production premises.

Kampus aamuauringossa etelästä katsoen.
Kampus aamuauringossa etelästä katsoen.

The property will include office, laboratory and production premises. The property will be built in the Linnanmaa area in Oulu and it will be used by Nokia’s Oulu unit. The total floor area is approximately 55,000 sqm, and the unit is important for Nokia globally.

The new premises will be a combination of high technology and sustainability, and flexible future ways of working will be taken into account in their planning. Nature, sustainability and the circular economy are given high priority, and natural materials are used, where possible. The smart campus offers premium premises for research, development and production.

The contract started in May 2022 and the work is scheduled to be completed during 2025.


Project name
Nokia campus
Nokia Corporation
Project status
Under construction
Business segment
Business Premises