Assisted living facilities, Helsinki metropolitan area

KOy Avia’s Elämänkaarikodit hybrid care project in Vantaa’s Veromies district bridges the gap between generations by combining an assisted living facility for senior citizens with a day-care centre for children. Scheduled to be completed in April 2019, this new development will have a total gross floor area of 7,300 m2. The facility has capacity for 60 residents, 66 rental apartments and day-care premises for 72 children.

The Veromies assisted living facility and day-care centre is close to local life and services. It is located in an area dominated by apartment buildings between Ring Road III and Tikkurilantie, near the Aviapolis train station, close to the airport, the Jumbo shopping centre and the Flamingo entertainment centre. 


Local service centre Hertsi is under construction in Helsinki’s Herttoniemi district, close to the services of the new Prisma hypermarket and the existing services of the Megahertsi shopping centre.

Hertsi will also include an assisted living facility and day-care centre that will be situated on roof yards, comfortably away from the noise of traffic but still close to local services and good transport connections.

Hertsi will be the new heart of the rapidly developing Herttoniemi district where people come to use services and meet each other on a daily basis. Hertsi is a joint project between YIT and Hartela that will be completed in 2020. More information (in Finnish):


Aallotar assisted living facility in Espoo’s Pohjois-Tapiola district is designed to support a strong sense of community and a daily life of meaning and activity. Completed in 2018, the building has a total floor area of 2,662 m2 and capacity for 61 residents in an area dominated by single-family homes.


Vire Koti Huvilaharju in Espoo’s Laaksolahti district provides assisted living services for senior citizens. Located in a neighbourhood rich in natural beauty, the building comprises 40 residences and has a total floor area of nearly 2,000 m2.

Huvilahaju is a warm-hearted and accessible assisted living facility where the residents live in rooms of their own and spend time in shared spaces. The design and decoration of the assisted living facility takes into account the requirements of senior citizens and residents with memory disorders as well as the significance of a rehabilitative environment.

Huvilaharju was completed in September 2015. The two-storey building constructed on a slope was a good fit with the area, which is dominated by single-family homes. YIT was responsible for the project’s development and implementation. The wooden structure made the project challenging from a fire safety perspective.


Joenranta assisted living facility is located in Tuusula’s Hyrylä district, an area that was formerly home to military barracks. YIT purchased the former barracks building, renovated it and developed it into an assisted living facility. The building is protected, which meant that cooperation with the Finnish National Board of Antiquities was necessary to preserve its cultural heritage.

The assisted living facility provides rehabilitative support for nearly 50 people with disabilities or injuries. In addition to their personal spaces, they have access to a dining room, living space, sauna and recreational facilities. The building has a total floor area exceeding 3,500 m2. The facility was commissioned in January 2013.


Kyyhkyskodit and Tunaro provide assisted living services for mental health rehabilitees and senior citizens in Espoo’s Kilo district, where YIT developed a new purpose for an existing office building, renovated it and transformed it into an assisted living facility following an amendment to the local detailed plan. Completed in December 2010, the building has space for 108 residents. The project was carried out as a state-subsidised ARA project. The facility’s total floor area exceeds 6,000 m2.


YIT specialises in the development, design and construction of various care projects, such as assisted living facilities for special groups as well as day-care centres for children. We bring together all of the parties involved, develop an appropriate business model and take care of all the practical matters.  The provider of assisted living services is closely involved in the design process right from the beginning. This ensures that the facilities will serve the operating concept in an optimal manner. Accessibility and comfortable spatial solutions create convenience in daily life for the residents. The facilities are also centrally located with good transport connections, which ensures that the day-care centres and the residents of assisted living facilities are part of the local community and provides ease of access.


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