A dream home for a resident of your dreams

What better place to live than a home above the rooftops in the new heart of Helsinki? The first YIT homes at the Tripla district are now available for booking – and with new homes come new residents with with high purchasing power.

If you visit Helsinki’s Pasila district, you can’t but notice massive changes going on in the area. The old Pasila railway station is gone to make way for a new one, which is swiftly rising up along with the brand new Mall of Tripla. There is, however, even more going on in Pasila than the construction works visible to the eye. The designing and pre-marketing of the Tripla homes is already in full swing.

The building of the brand new YIT Homes began in Tripla in December 2017, and the first housing block will be ready soon after the Mall of Tripla is completed in 2019. Now is time for the first homes to find owners as booking for the first housing block began in November.

The new homes will double the area’s population to over 10 000 new residents right beside the Mall of Tripla.

”The prices per square metre will be equivalent to those in downtown Helsinki. The new residents have high purchasing power and appreciate local services and amenities,” says Sales Director Sari Hiilosvuo from YIT homes. 

First up, Fredika

The new YIT Homes will rise up to Tripla’s western quarter, higher up than rest of the buildings in the block. This way, they simultaneously receive plenty of sunlight and provide privacy from passers-by but are only a stone’s throw away from the services and amenities of the eastern and central quarters. The Mall of Tripla, offices and a hotel will be located in the central quarter while the new railway station will serve customers in the eastern quarter.

There will be four separate residential blocks in Tripla: Fredika, Firdo, Klyyga and Bööle. Combined, they will have 400 apartments, the sizes of which vary from 20 square-metre studios to family apartments of almost a hundred square metres. It is also possible to combine two apartments into a bigger home.

The residential block Fredika was the first one available for booking. This twelve-storey condominium will be built close to the Mall of Tripla and the Pasila railway station. There are two types of homes available: those with a glassed-in balcony facing the inner courtyard and those with a French balcony facing the mall.

Community and experiences highlighted

The modern consumer won’t settle for a less than state of the art home. That is why the Tripla Homes have been designed with the latest megatrends in mind. Community, sustainability and experiences are at the heart of the Tripla housing development.

The Tripla housing blocks offer their residents multiple shared spaces. A lovely residents’ park, a communal sauna and shared rooftop terraces will help them unwind and enjoy spending time together. A shared village hall “Greija” will be built in the middle of the housing block – and YIT will survey the residents’ opinions on what kind of activities the space should be used for.

”As soon as we have sold a hundred apartments, we will invite the buyers to brainstorm Greija’s activities with us,” Hiilosvuo says.

The Mall of Tripla will bring the residents plenty of opportunities for leisure activities and experiences.

”The services at the mall range from beach volley and surfing to wellness, all just a lift ride away from one’s door. The transport connections are outstanding, too. When you move to Tripla, you don’t have to leave for anything unless you want to”, Hiilosvuo says.

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