YIT’s home sales: proven to provide the best service

YIT’s home sales serves home buyers throughout Finland.The chain of offices extends from Helsinki to Rovaniemi.

When you enter a YIT home sales office, you are met with a flood of light and a wide range of material solutions to choose from. On display in our home sales offices are not only model kitchens but also other showcase spaces such as bathroom areas with material samples.

“Here we have brought together surface materials, including flooring materials, mouldings and ceiling materials, as well as examples of bathroom basin and tap materials. “In addition, there are material brochures and sales brochures that YIT’s current and future customers can come and explore,” says sales negotiator Anne Anteroinen.

YIT’s sales teams are located in a total of 15 offices throughout Finland, from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. They are on duty on weekdays in our home sales offices.

“The home sales office serves as both a sales negotiation point and a place for closing deals. And if they wish, customers can drop by the office to explore materials and brochures, for instance. Naturally, we conduct showings at our properties, and we also work from home,” says Anteroinen, who works in the southern Finland region.

Nowadays, negotiations and the conclusion of sales are also handled smoothly online.

“They can be organised and carried out in whatever way suits the customer best,” adds sales negotiator Timo Havumäki.


Customer service in person, by phone or online

According to Havumäki and Anteroinen, a sales negotiator’s work involves such a variety of tasks that a typical workday is difficult to define.

“The job is highly varied. The best part is getting to meet customers, either through showings or in the process of closing deals. We can be reached not only online but also at our office or conveniently over the phone,” Havumäki says.

“In this job, you become familiar with different towns and cities, and sometimes you spend a lot of time on the road,” says Anteroinen.

YIT currently has ready-to-sell homes in various locations throughout Finland.
“We present homes flexibly in private showings, public showings and weekend showings,” Havumäki adds.

Proven the best customer service

For YIT’s sales negotiators, customer orientation is everything. The service is also consistently considered to be of high quality: according to a study on new housing construction conducted by EPSI Rating Group in 2023, YIT’s service is of the highest standard. The difference from the industry average is significant.

“For instance, we want the customer to always have the opportunity to review documents and materials at their own pace. If necessary, customers can come by several times in home sales matters, too,” Havumäki points out.

So, what does service quality involve? According to Havumäki, customer orientation is foremost in mind at every stage, including on construction sites.

“For example, customers who bought a new property during the construction phase can visit the sites multiple times as the construction progresses. Construction site staff are prepared to be flexible and serve customers,” adds Havumäki.

An additional factor contributing to customer satisfaction is undoubtedly the YIT Plus portal, to which customers gain access after the deal is closed.

Workers on the construction site update the portal with photos and information about the progress of the construction phase. Through the portal’s service market, customers can, among other things, make a moving service agreement or order home cleaning or storage services.

“Customers can also track various things in the YIT Plus portal, such as their water consumption,” says Anteroinen.

At YIT’s already completed properties, there are also neighbour guides on hand. These are essentially residents who are already familiar with the property and the residential area.

“If a customer is looking for a home in a specific area, residents who have volunteered as neighbour guides can share their own experiences and views on the area’s characteristics. After all, these people have already purchased a home in the same area or from the same housing company,” Havumäki explains.

YIT also measures customer satisfaction in many ways.

“We conduct customer satisfaction surveys after the transaction, during the moving phase and in connection with annual repairs. Feedback is really important to us so that we can continually improve our services,” Havumäki continues.


A finger on the pulse, always

Maintaining good service also requires effort, especially when a home can be reserved even with just a few clicks online.

“When a reservation is made online, the seller then contacts the person who made it. We explore together what kind of apartment is in question and look at what other available apartments there are. Buying a home is a major decision. That is why it’s important for us to thoroughly go through the basic details and ensure that the customer finds a home that genuinely suits them,” says Anteroinen.

"We also go through tax matters such as capital transfer tax, payment plans, housing company loans, and other important figures and information related to buying a home,” Havumäki adds.

To ensure that there is a suitable home for every resident, sales negotiators are required to have knowledge of different areas. The seller must be able to answer trickier questions, too. For some customers, good transport connections are invaluable, whereas others place more importance on the proximity of daycare centres and schools, and want to know what kind of schools are generally available in the area.

“So that we can provide comprehensive information about the areas, sellers need to keep their finger on the pulse all the time and continually educate themselves,” says Anteroinen.

Every question has an answer

A sales negotiator’s job involves not only knowing various properties but also interacting with all kinds of customers.

“Every customer is different, and in this job you have to recognise the kind of people you are dealing with at any given time. Some are very particular about details, and in such cases we naturally strive to find out the specifics that the customer wants to know. Our task is to investigate and provide information. And if some information isn’t readily available, we have all the company’s knowledgeable staff at our disposal. We turn to them for help when needed,” Havumäki says.

Anteroinen stresses the fact that when selling a property that is under construction, you must be particularly careful and truly know what you are selling.

“In the early stages, the property only exists on paper. To be able to give our customers the best possible information, we need to thoroughly know the property, the area, and every possible detail related to the property,” she says.


Home sales helps you find a home

  • YIT’s home sales service operates in a total of 15 offices throughout Finland. You can meet our home sales representatives at a YIT home sales office, for example, or in person at a property that is currently on sale.
  • A home can also be purchased entirely online. In such cases, sales negotiators communicate electronically and by phone.
  • YIT currently has ready-to-sell apartments available in various locations around Finland.
  • Apartments are presented flexibly in private, public and weekend showings.

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