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Vuokatti Chalets 3 - leisure homes for sale

Vuokatti | Opistontie 6 A, 88610 VUOKATTI
Ready to move in

Enjoy vacationing in Vuokatti

The fully furnished leisure homes are located close to excellent recreational possibilities and amenities in the middle of the forested hills and lakes of Kainuu.

There is a lot to do all year round: you can hike, jog, play tennis, swim, ski or play golf. At the Sports Institute, you enjoy several owner’s benefits and some of the services are free for leisure home owners, such as using the ski tunnel and the swimming hall.

Located next to the Sports Institute, the leisure homes of Chalets 3 have everything ready from tableware to furniture.

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Kiinteistö Oy Vuokatti Chalets 3
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A leisure home amidst the beautiful Kainuu

Grab a piece of the best in Vuokatti to yourself and buy an upscale leisure home close to the versatile recreational possibilities and amenities of Vuokatti Sports Institute. The leisure homes are in a stunning location by the clear waters of Lake Särkinen.