An effective workspace can be set up in every home

People buying a new home should think about the workspace and its electrical and lighting solutions and acoustics during the construction period.

How the residents of YIT Homes can easily set up a workstation with the right ergonomics, lighting, electrical outlets and other functionality has been addressed by YIT especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

The results are now available at our website.


”It is possible to set up an effective remote workstation in an existing apartment or an apartment being planned or under construction,” says YIT’s Product Development Manager Eeva Seppänen. ”It is a good idea to first think whether there could be a spare room, alcove, walk-in closet or space under the stairs in the apartment that could be turned into a remote workspace with different types of furniture.”

Or alternatively: could a big room be divided and turned into a workspace using elements such as movable furniture, partitions or acoustic panels? Among others, all the above products are available through the YIT Plus service, where YIT home’s customers can find inspiration from the remote work furniture and solutions of selected, well-known manufacturers. Every person having purchased or rented a YIT home receives access to YIT Plus service.

It is also possible to build a separate workspace as a construction-time alternation in a YIT home being planned or under construction. A workspace can be separated from a bigger room with a light intermediate or glass wall or a separate walk-in closet or room turned into a workspace. Electricity and lighting alterations can easily be made in the construction phase. Alterations essentially depend on the construction phase of the new home.

”The competent staff of YIT’s alteration service help each of our customers plan a workspace that matches their needs. An effective, pleasant workspace can be implemented in every YIT home regardless of size”, Seppänen promises.

YIT commissioned a survey from Prior Konsultointi last autumn, with the aim of finding out how the expectations of employees regarding remote work, offices, commuting and services in their residential area have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Implemented by means of an online panel in August 2020, the survey had 1,085 respondents in Finland, 1,050 respondents in the Czech Republic and 1,073 respondents in Russia*.

Sahramirinne 44_2400x1420-15.jpg

The survey also revealed that, during COVID-19, Finnish remote workers have mostly worked remotely in their living rooms, at a table (43%).

Other popular locations for remote work included: a separate office space at home (26%), the living room, on a sofa (23%), the bedroom, at a table (15%), the bedroom, in bed (11%), the kitchen (22%), a terrace or balcony (9%), the children’s room (3%) and a storage room (1%).

 Finnish respondents also reported that they would most preferably reduce the size of the bedroom or walk-in closet to have room for a workstation. One-third of the respondents would be prepared to pay more to have a home with a separate home office.

*The survey targeted urban remote workers in Finland, residents of Prague, Brno, Plzen and Kladno in the Czech Republic as well as residents of the cities where YIT operates in Russia, i.e. St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Tyumen.