”This is where our restaurant will be” – a peek at the Tripla construction site

The frame of the shopping centre has reached the level of the Pasila railway bridge, and the demolition of the old Pasila train station is going on. At the same time, interior walls are being laid inside the shopping centre. Join our tenants to see what is going on at the Tripla construction site.

On a September morning, a group of people – some familiar and some unknown to each other – have gathered in a meeting room at the Tripla construction site offices. Everyone is wearing safety shoes and vests as well as other necessary equipment. One person starts smiling and says that they have never visited a construction site before.

This autumn’s first guided tour to the Tripla construction site is about to start. During the tour, the tenants of Mall of Tripla get to visit the construction site and see its progress. These tours for tenants were started last spring, and they have received plenty of positive feedback. In the future, Mall of Tripla will organize similar tours every six months until the opening in the autumn of 2019.

A guide wearing a bright yellow jacket counts the people taking part in the tour and gives some last-minute directions on safe conduct at the construction site. “Ok, let’s go then – welcome to the construction site,” he says.

Walls are going up

”Tripla’s construction is on schedule, and we will open the mall according to the plan in two years in the autumn of 2019,” tells Anna Rauramo, Sales Manager of Tripla’s commercial development team.

Since last spring, there’s been a lot going on at the Tripla construction site. Several levels of parking and shopping centre have been built on top of the foundation. Now, the frame of the parking facility is finished, and the frame of the mall will be finalized during the beginning of 2018. The old Pasila train station was closed and its demolition started this summer.

During the tour, the group headed to the first floor of the mall, known as the Food Market specialised in food and groceries. Here, the tenants had a chance to see a store with its walls already up and with several different shopfront materials on display.

The tenants were also able to visit the spot of their own store, when the construction allowed. “Could you take a picture of me here?” asks one tenant in front of the future location of their store.

When visiting the construction site, the abstract square meters marked in the floor plan get a concrete form, and the tenants get a better understanding of the surroundings of their store.

All in all, about 30 tenants participated in this autumn’s construction site tours. These tenants included grocery stores, fashion retailers, restaurants, and cultural operators. Among others, Lidl, Picnic, the Varner Group, and Finnish Beach Volley Ltd were present. For some of the tenants, this was the first time they visited Tripla’s construction site, whereas others came to see how the construction has progressed since last time.

”When is the next opportunity for me to visit the site?” we heard several of the tenants wondering, since they are eager to see how their own store is being built. 

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