Tens of brands and an endless summer – these are Mall of Tripla’s newest tenants

Of the 250 business spaces at the Mall of Tripla, over a half have already been leased out. The newest tenants are top Finnish and international brands that further contribute to mall’s leisure and experience offering.

The Mall of Tripla won’t open its doors until 2019, but already over a half of its business spaces have secured a tenant. The summer season did not bring about any kind of slowing downt at the Mall of Tripla. Quite the opposite – Tripla’s construction site has been busy all throughout the summer holidays.

”We have signed contracts with multiple new tenants, about which we are obviously thrilled. However, we are already at full speed on planning for new concepts and collaborations,” says Project Manager of Commercial Development Outi Vaarala.

Throughout spring and summer tens of brands have sealed their spot at the future mecca of shopping.

Top brands in food and wellbeing

The Food Market on the first floor of the Mall of Tipla is tastiest of the floors, with a market place as its focal point. In addition to pleasures for the palate, the Food Market also provides convenience, as daily necessities and services are right at hand. The latest tenants to contribute to the Foodmarket’s offering are the liquer store Alko, the opticians Specsavers and the shoemaker Shoemakermen.  The daily needs of beloved pets are taken into account by pet store Fast and Furry, with a vast selection of food and accessories.

The second floor of the mall, the Shopping Street, has attracted particularly many new tenants.

”The Shopping Street is perfect for volume buying with its popular brands, tasty food and a modern atmosphere. The interiors are light and fresh with a Scandinavian feel. It’s the perfect background for the brands to stand out from,” Vaarala says.

New restaurants on the Shopping Street are the popular burger joint Friends & Brgrs, the Italian-style café and gelateria Ciao! Caffé and the chocolate lover’s oasis Choco Lab.

The floor’s new specialty stores and services provide pampering to help you break away from the everyday. The optometrist Silmäasema and the salon Beauty Hair Sirpa Mansner offer the best in style and beauty, while Emotion and The Body Shop are a go-to for those looking to replenish their cosmetic supplies. Shasha Beauty Nails brings you manicures and haircuts, and the bookstore Suomalainen Kirjakauppa makes your commute cozy with the latest reads. 

Take a city break in a downtown manner

High-end boutique spirit can be found on the aisles of the third floor. Also known as the High Street, this floor specialises in international brands and design, such as Scandinavian design shop Granit.

”However, one of the major themes of the High Street are Finnish quality brands. The latest tenant who we signed lease with is Finlayson, which suits perfectly our idea of this floor.”

Previously the Finnish design giant Pentik was also confirmed to come to the third floor.

The Little Manhattan on the fourth floor of the mall buzzes with urban beat. A thoroughfare for train passengers, the lively floor never sleeps. Its offering is completed with urban culture and various kinds of pop up events.

The fourth floor is all about convenience. The mobile repair shop Fonum takes care of your broken phone in a timely manner. Flowers and bouquets to brighten up a dull weekday or highlight a celebration can be found at the florist Kaivokukka. Hordes of hungry shoppers easily get a bite to eat in all-Finnish eateries Hesburger and Picinic.

And the endless summer! That can be found right underneath the Mall of Tripla, inside a underground tunnel originally mined for the metro. Adventure park HopLop has already been confirmed to set shop inside the tunnel, and now it will be accompanied with a new concept by The Finnish Beach Volley Ltd. and Surf House Finland. These summery companies have joined forces to bring you Helsinki Surf Beach, an inside beach with beach volley, surf-like flowboarding and the year-round temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. This endless summer is surely something that has been never seen in Finland before.

”This is extraordinary. These new tenants have brought us international recognition. We want to provide our customers not only with possibilities for shopping but also for experiences and leisure activities. Mall of Tripla is more than a mall, it is an urban centre,” Vaarala says.