How can you find out how the local environment in your city will change?

A renovation of the facade or plumbing of one’s own housing company is usually something that residents are aware of, but why does the construction of a new apartment building in the neighbouring block come as a surprise?

You should be as interested in the plans that influence your living environment as you are in the maintenance needs assessment of your housing company.

This is how you can stay abreast of the future construction projects in your area:

  1. Take initiative. No-one will come knocking on your door to tell you about changes to the local plan. People who live in cities need to have a certain level of awareness to ensure that information on planned changes reaches them in the zoning stage, before the final decisions are made.
  2. Keep an eye on your municipality’s communication channels. Information on pending zoning projects is publicly available online and in physical format. Many municipalities and cities have convenient map services online.
  3. Ask questions and engage in discussions. You can usually contact the officials in charge of urban planning by phone or e-mail if you have any questions. You can often also find information and discussions about projects that influence your area in Facebook groups dedicated to your neighbourhood or district as well as the local newspapers.

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This story was originally published in March 2021. This story was updated in November 2022.