Retail Industry Insights

Retail Industry Insights

What is happening in the retail industry?

What makes a shopping centre interesting and attractive? What does the digitalisation of retail mean for the shopping centres of the future? What kind of services turn a shopping centre into a genuine meeting place?

At YIT, we have a comprehensive understanding of the retail industry and the biggest international and national trends. We also know how these trends should be considered when planning functional and customer-oriented shopping places. We are always interested in learning more about how to make business premises and shopping centres even more enjoyable than before, especially from the viewpoint of the tenants and users.

We publish a range of fascinating articles on contemporary urban culture and the revolution of retail on the Retail Industry Insights website. You can also find topical interviews with well-known pioneers in the retail and restaurant industries as well as trend analytics. To receive news and articles directly to your email, subscribe to the YIT Retail Industry Insights newsletter below. The newsletter comes out every couple of months.

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What does the workplace of the future look like?

In addition to retail industry trends, we also follow the revolution of work actively. On our Future of Work website, we publish interesting articles connected to business premises, the working environment of the future and the transformation of working culture.

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