Tapiola's Tuultenristi

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370 - 4 200

Retail space

120 - 690

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Tuultenristi – office and service space in Tapiola's new magnificent center!

In addition to the new residential block, a total of 4,200 m² of office and service space will be completed in Tapiola's Tuultenristi. The business premises will be completed in the second construction phase in 2023 and will be located in the most prominent place in the area when approaching from the west. Tuultenristi has very good transport connections in terms of public transport as well as parking. The AINOA shopping center is located right next to the Tuultenristi. With the new residental area Kirjokansi above AINOA the population in the area has increased considerably.

Project details

Project name
Tapiola's Tuultenristi
Tapiola is the center of Greater Tapiola and one of the biggest area centers of Espoo. Tapiola is the most significant center of culture, science and business in Espoo. Straight from Tapiola subway station opens the vivid area that forms the largest urban pedestrian area in Finland. Commuting to With the Western Metro and the new bus terminal, Tapiola's public transport connections are even better.
Local services
Tapiola has a center that is compact and where shopping is made easy. All amenties are close by. You can find high class grocery stores as well as known chain stores and specialzed shops in the same area. In Tapiola’s Tuultenristi the services of AINOA Shopping Center are just around the corner.
The two metro lines stop in Tapiola subway station. All busses driving through or to Tapiola use the new bus terminal, which is located on Merituulentie and connected to the subway. In addition, a central light traffic lane runs through south of the area and new cycling and walking routes are also planned.

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