Eezy focuses its operations under one roof in Pasila’s Maistraatinportti

In the autumn of 2023, Eezy will focus nearly all of its operations in the Helsinki metropolitan area under one roof in Pasila’s Maistraatinportti. Why was this decision made and what are Eezy’s expectations for the new facilities? An interview with Eezy’s Chief Financial Officer Hannu Nyman.

Which factors influenced your decision to relocate?

“As we serve a wide variety of business activities, our requirements concerning business premises vary extensively as well. Many of our staff leasing activities involve a large number of people visiting the facilities each day for job interviews or to pick up or return various tools. We also conduct headhunting and personal assessments where people are invited to interviews and psychological evaluations that take up most of the day. Furthermore, our extensive consultancy and coaching operations also bring customers to our facilities.

For a while, we’ve been considering whether it would be possible to bring all of our business premises in the Helsinki metropolitan area together under one roof. The challenge wasn’t easy as we currently employ about 200 people across various locations. We strongly believe that having our business activities in the same location will enhance our operations, even if the total number of square metres taken up by our company will remain unchanged.”

Why did you choose Pasila and Maistraatinportti?

“We had already established the specifics of the kind of a solution we were looking for. We had requirements that reflected the wide range of needs dictated by our business operations. A logistically excellent location and great transport connections were at the top of the list. When visiting us for interviews, most people arrive by car or by public transport, which is why a location near the railway or the metro as well as sufficient parking spaces are important. On the other hand, our largest customer group, staff leasing, requires a location that is easy to visit with a van, for example, so that workers such as builders or movers can pick up footwear or tools for their work, even though a considerable share of the staff use public transport.

Finally, we decided that the best possible location for us would be somewhere along the Kalasatama - Käpylä - Pasila axis as it has great public transport connections and a close vicinity to the city centre without being right in the middle of all the rush and haste of the city. 

We checked out a few locations, and when we found Maistraatinportti, we were inspired by its unique essence that has a lot of character. Finding the location early enough to be able to adjust the facilities according to our needs was what sealed the deal. As a result, we were able to fulfil a very important requirement: the customers’ ease of movement in our facilities.  In our private interviews, it is important that the visitors are able to access the conference rooms as inconspicuously and effortlessly as possible. At the other end, we have our staff leasing activities where an open and clearly visible entrance is the best option. As a solution to this, we were able to have two entrances; one is the general main entrance to Maistraatinportti, while the other is a lobby designed just for our customers.”


“We have a wide range of uses and requirements for our business premises, from consultancy and coaching activities to staff leasing,” says Hannu Nyman, Chief Financial Officer for Eezy

Has Eezy found a way to inspire its white-collar employees to return to the office?

“We hoped that simply moving all of our operations under one roof and having great services and traffic connections nearby would encourage employees to return to the office. The facilities will also have various coffee and lunch areas where people can enjoy the social aspects of working at the office. In other words, instead of having coffee makers sporadically scattered around the building, we tried to design our break areas so that as many people as possible could spend some time together. The distinctive courtyard of the building is also a positive feature that we help will increase employees’ comfort at work.

We are still working with our staff department to hone our spatial designs during the spring as there’s still plenty of time before the move (six months at the time of the interview). Due to the nature of our work, we are arranging the facilities into office rooms, each designed for a few people, and not opting for many open-plan areas. Our work involves quite a lot of confidential discussions both on-site and over the phone and we also process documentation containing personal data, which is why data security is an important aspect for us.” 

What are your expectations for Maistraatinportti?

“The first things that come to mind are the easy location and the versatile facilities. We have a wide range of business activities that require very different spatial solutions and an easy-to-access location. The facilities and location of Maistraatinportti are optimal for us in terms of this goal.

A large part of our work comes down to traditional, everyday paperwork, which is why we also hope that the unique architecture of Maistraatinportti supports a positive atmosphere.”

To end with an important question, does sustainability play a role in your decision to relocate?

“Sustainability is reflected in factors such as the location; we can be easily reached by public transport. The facility is energy-efficient and will include automated lighting and ventilation, for example. Moreover, the carbon footprint of a renovated building is smaller than that of an entirely new building. These themes are becoming increasingly important in terms of both energy consumption and the environment.”

We thank Hannu for the interview and wish him and the entire staff of Eezy a warm welcome to Maistraatinportti!


Images: Eezy, YIT

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