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Maistraatinportti, Helsinki

In Maistraatinportti, in the heart of Pasila, your company can operate in bright, renovated premises with abundant services and excellent transport connections, right next to Tripla.

Pasila will become the second center of Helsinki with the completion of Tripla. The Trigoni tower area to the south of Tripla will raise the profile of the whole area even further.

Maistraatinportti will have it's on own restaurant and It is also possible to build sports facilities and a conference center in the premises.

12,200 m²
12,200 m²

Total lettable area




Estimated construction time

  • Offices
  • Lobby services
  • Parking spaces
  • Good transport connections




Your comfort

Special emphasis has been placed on the comfort of employees in the premises of Maistraatinportti. Spacious, bright multifunctional spaces create a pleasant working environment where the spaces genuinely support work. Quiet work, group work and social encounters have all their own areas reserved for them.

nainen ja mies katsomassa tablettitietokonetta


Pasila is the most accessible place in Finland and a key area for commercial construction in Helsinki, where Helsinki city center will expand in the coming years. With the construction of new offices and retail space, the number of jobs in Pasila will double to about 50,000 by 2040. The population of the area will also almost triple to 30,000.

Kestävä kehitys

Sustainable development

The premises of Maistraatinportti are built in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. This is taken into account e.g. in the building materials, insulation, heating and recycling. LEED Gold level certification will be appplied for the building. Also a spacious bike park will be available for the employees to use.

Arjen helppous

Ease of everyday life

Everyday life is smooth in Maistraatinportti. Accessibility in the heart of Pasila couldn’t be better, whether you use public transport, your own car or a bike. You will find all office services under one roof, and other services that make everyday life easier can be found in the neighboring shopping center Tripla, the largest shopping center in the Nordic countries by the number of shops.

The flexible space solutions enable implementing the business premises that specifically suit your company. Solutions for facilities, materials and building services are smart and guarantee the healthy and safe use of facilities without compromising well-being.

What life could be like in Maistraatinportti?

  • Ella viestintäpäällikkö

    Ella, Communications Manager

    "When our company moved to Maistraatinportti it made my daily life a lot easier. Thanks to good train connections, I was even able to give up using my car. Grocery shopping is also handled conveniently on the way in Tripla. In addition, working is easier with business premises that truly support different work needs."

  • Markus asiakaspäällikkö

    Markus, Account Manager

    "I spend a lot of my time with clients and I don’t need a permanent work station in the office. However, it is always nice to come to the office, as it is good to do paperwork that requires concentration in a quiet space. On the other hand, it’s nice to exchange thoughts with co-workers in a downstairs cafe by the coffee cup, for example."

  • Katri toimitusjohtaja

    Katri, CEO

    "Moving to Maitraatinportti was definitely the right decision for our company. In cooperation with YIT, we designed premises that suit our needs, which are in fact smaller than expected in terms of square footage, although we thought we needed more space. The efficiency of the facilities really surprised us and the idea that not all of our employees need a permanent workstation."


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