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Bright business premises in the heart of Pasila

210617_YIT_maistraatinportti_logo_grey.gifMaistraatinportti in the heart of Pasila is exceptionally bright for an office building. The original design includes a glass ceiling, light shafts and playful windows that bring a lot of natural light from which office workers get both enjoyment and work energy. The location next to Finland's busiest public transport terminal is unbeatable: in the rapidly developing Pasila, you can easily reach jogging paths, Lapland or London.

There are still 195 m² - 748 m² of office premises available in this high-quality property. On the first floor, there are two spaces suitable for retail or office space: 574 m² and 412.5 m². In addition, 748.5 m² of office space is available on the 5th floor, which can be divided among three users starting from 195 m². Act now and reserve the premises of your dreams!

12,200 m²
total lettable area





Työtilat on suunniteltu huomioimaan erilaisen työn tekemisen tavat ja sosiaalisuuden määrä

Comfortable spaces for different ways of working

Versatile workspaces are designed to take into account different ways of doing work and the amount of sociality. Dedicated areas are reserved for quiet work, teamwork and social encounters. Maistraatinportti supports remote and temporary office work.

Suomen saavutettavin paikka

The most accessible place in Finland

Pasila is the most accessible place in Finland whether you use public transport, your own car or a bike. With the construction of new offices and retail space, the number of jobs in Pasila will double to around 50,000 by 2040. Maistraatinportti has good parking facilities on the property and in the adjacent Western Pasila car park for both cars and bikes.

Kestävä kehitys

Building based on sustainability principles 

The business premises will be completely renewed, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Sustainable development is taken into account e.g. in building materials, insulation, heating and property's recycling maintenance. The intelligent building technology to be built into the property enables e.g. energy-saving lighting control and ventilation control presence sensors. A LEED Gold level certificate is granted for the building.

Arjen helppous

Ease of everyday life

Everyday life is smooth in Maistraatinportti. Accessibility in the heart of Pasila couldn’t be better, whether you use public transport, your own car or a bike. You will find all office services under one roof, and other services that make everyday life easier can be found in the neighboring shopping center Tripla, the largest shopping center in the Nordic countries by the number of shops.

Uniikkia arkkitehtuuria

Unique architecture

The original design includes a glass ceiling, light shafts and playful windows, which were part of the architect Ilmo Valjakka's charming original design, bring exceptional amount of natural light to office workers daily life.The playful design of the exterior of the building is uniquely cleverly thought out to carry as much natural light as possible into the interior, giving people both enjoyment and energy.

Hybridityön johtaminen

How to lead Hybrid work?

In cooperation with The NextGen Project and Microsoft, we have compiled a report called “Leading hybrid work: Five lessons for executives”,
which was supplemented with the perspectives of business experts and next generation leaders.


Vacant premises



Dream location
in the heart of the city in Pasila

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