Care & Health

Care & Health

YIT Care – a reliable solution  

The ageing of the population is creating a growing need for care services. YIT’s care concept is a tested, effective and cost-efficient solution for the development of assisted living facilities. YIT Care offers assisted living solutions for the elderly and other special groups. Choose YIT Care to ensure that you will have a reliable and competent partner for developing highly functional assisted living facilities. 


YIT Care offers care providers the opportunity to conduct their business in highly functional and efficient premises. YIT develops the business concept required for the project and handles construction permit matters along with the necessary legal contracts. YIT can offer competitive rental rates at both large and small properties.

Growing old with dignity while being close to service providers

YIT Care properties often include assisted living services along with rental apartments, sheltered housing and group homes in the same location. This gives residents the opportunity to grow old with dignity while being close to service providers. This is an effective solution that emphasises convenience for the residents of assisted living facilities as well as their care providers.

YIT is an experienced and reliable partner with the expertise to offer complete solutions and alternatives. All solutions are developed in close co-operation with the customer. Partnerships with YIT can also be used to develop rental and other housing as well as service solutions for a broader audience.