Käärmetalo renovation, Helsinki, Finland

The renovation of the Serpentine House was an extensive project in Helsinki.

The Serpentine House (Finnish: Käärmetalo) was completed in 1951 in Helsinki, during the great post-war building boom. It was designed by Yrjö Lindegren. The target of the renovation was to maintain the feeling of the 1950’s and modernize the house which is classified as a protected building.

The house got its name because of its shape; the length of the property is altogether 287 metres. It houses 190 rental apartments. All bathrooms, indoor and outdoor surfaces, kitchens, doors and technical building systems, for example, were renewed in this extensive project.  

Serpentine House renovation won the 2019 Finlandia Prize for Architecture. The architect was Mona Schalin.

YIT has strong experience in technically demanding, versatile and extensive renovation projects. 

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Project name
Käärmetalo renovation
Heka (the apartments of the City of Helsinki)
Project status
Business segment
Renovation Services
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