Brilliant design

Spaces bathing in natural light glow with everyday well-being at work. Maistraatinportti is exceptionally bright for an office building. The original design includes a glass ceiling, light shafts and playful windows, which were part of the architect Ilmo Valjakka's charming original design, bring exceptional amount of natural light to office workers daily life.​

The importance of natural light for well-being at work has been skillfully taken into account in the interior of the Maistraatinportti. The playful design of the exterior of the building is uniquely cleverly thought out to carry as much natural light as possible into the interior, giving people both enjoyment and energy.​

A comfortable, supportive and flexible work environment enhances the benefits of coworking, learning and spontaneous social life. It is possible to rent 1,800 m² / floor of high-quality office space and the office floors can also be divided.


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