Sustainability principles

It is a matter of honor for us, that our clients can rely on us as a responsible partner. Responsibility is most importantly actions and therefore green values have been taken into account at Maistraatinportti and made concrete.

LEED_100x100.png LEED certification
Maistraatinportti was renovated in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and a gold-level LEED certificate was granted for it.
Veden säästö_100x100.png Water-saving
Water-saving solutions can significantly reduce water consumption.
Ympäristö ensin_100x100.png Environment first
Maistraatinportti offers premises with a smaller carbon footprint as a renovation site than at the new site.
Pyöräily_100x100.png Getting around
Maistraatinportti is easily reached via bicycle trails, and in its own basement you will find a warm bicycle park and high-quality shower facilities for commuting cyclists.
Kierrätys_100x100.png Recycling
Mixed waste, paper, cardboard and biowaste have their own recycling bins. 
Energiatehokkuus_100x100.png Energy efficiency
Energy efficient building also saves in costs.


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