Work, shopping and entertainment under one roof

Kasper Palin, who lives in Töölö, Helsinki, explains how Tripla has changed the way he runs his errands and commutes to work.

Kasper Palin
Kasper Palin

Tripla has become my neighbourhood shopping mall. I buy my groceries here, as Tripla’ stores are larger and there’s more of them compared to the city centre. They are also easy to access here. Of course, there’s entertainment as well; I go to the movies here quite often.

I work for a research company that was one of the first companies to move to Tripla. We were able to design the premises according to our needs from the beginning. It’s amazing to have premises made exactly for us! They are modern, open and bright with large windows and natural light. Working becomes so much more enjoyable when the premises are new and fresh.

We have both co-working areas and meeting spaces where you can discuss in smaller groups. We have been satisfied with the premises as a whole.

My commute became easier. You can get here by train, bus or tram instead of relying on one bus line. Tripla is a transport hub in many ways.

Tripla is where culture, retail stores, business and transportation come together in one amazing place.

I’m a team worker; I like to have my teammates around me instead of everyone working in their own rooms. We have a spacious office that we can easily adapt if we need different types of workstations. There’s space and large windows that give a lot of sunlight. That’s what I really like about Tripla!

We started looking at lunch places already before we moved to Tripla. Lunch sets a nice rhythm for the working day as we go and try different restaurants together.

I have two favorite places in Tripla. The first one is related to working: our office is on the sixth floor of Workery West. It has a comfortable reception area with couches and little nooks as well as good views of Pasila. When that’s the first thing you see in the morning, your working day gets off to a good start. My other favorite place is the lively station area. When you see a lot of people on the move, you feel like Helsinki truly is a vibrant city.

Five tips for selecting business premises

  1. Plan your premises so that, in addition to your current needs, they are easy to adapt and transform to suit future needs. You must be able to change the order and purpose of use.
  2. Think about how sound travels. It has been taken into account well here. The acoustics are really good. The office is quiet even though we have 10 people talking and working in the same space.
  3. Various types of workstations. Not everyone wants to spend all of their time at an office desk. There’s a need for different kinds of spaces where you can go if you need some peace. You also need various types of workstations for ergonomics — ones where you can sit and ones where you can stand.
  4. Plan your business premises so that they look like your company. For example, our brand color is red, so we decided to have a red rug in the longest corridor. When customers visit us, they get to walk on a red carpet. The office looks like us, as if we are living inside the brand. I think it’s not just important, but also fun!
  5. Location. When the location is easily accessible, it improves everyone’s life. When you work at Tripla, you do not need to think about where to buy groceries after the working day. And when the location has good transport connections, you can get home easily even if you are carrying shopping bags. I think it’s important that the business premises are near services.

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