The Mall of Tripla biking event delighted Helsinkians in Pasila

It felt as if all bike lanes led to Pasila’s Veturitori in Helsinki on Thursday 17 May, when the Mall of Tripla cycling concept was showcased to the public with numerous complimentary events.

Cyclists had many reasons to come enjoy the fine spring day with us, one of the biggest being the possibility to dust off the bike form winter cobwebs with express bicycle maintenance offered by Velobia Bike Co. Easy everyday tips from Velobia’s Sebastian on how to keep your bike in great condition were also greatly appreciated by visitors.

In addition to express maintenance, the Mall of Tripla saddle covers, Pasila tote bags and other surprise gifts handed out in the event were a hit. Accompanied by DJ OttoPetter’s cheery afterwork beats, the crowd had a chance to evaluate the various two tier bicycle racks that have been available for testing in Veturitori since last autumn. The final decision on which kind of rack will be chosen for use in the Mall of Tripla will be made based on the public’s opinion. The possibility to give feedback is still open: if you happen to be in Helsinki, check out the racks in Veturitori by the temporary Pasila station and give feedback through our electronic system.

The event was a hit both in real life and on social media. Cyclists are a top priority for us as we redevelop Pasila and build the Mall of Tripla.

Worksite visits offer a preview of what’s to come

The frequent, organised tours to visit the Mall of Tripla worksite have proved to be a fascinating and useful experience to the mall’s future leaseholders. The walls of the shopping centre have come up so much that it is now easy to distinguish where each business space will be located in the big picture and what it will look like from the outside. Blueprints give you a hint of what’s to come, but it’s not until you visit the actual space that you start to grasp distances, routes and the layout.


The Mall of Tripla’s future tenants have left the construction site impressed by the spatial design and materials chosen for the mall, displayed in wholly built mock-up business space. It is easier to ask specific questions when the final product is almost in front of your eyes. Everybody’s excited in anticipation and we, the Tripla team, are eager to meet the high expectations of both the future tenants and consumers. Let’s make Mall of Tripla the most awesome shopping centre in Finland!

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