The hottest 2017 summer trends that your customers will love

Summer is here! The warmest time of the year brings with it lovely celebrations and lazy days bathing in the sun. It’s time to store away your winter apparel and lose a few layers. Together with a trusted Finnish fashion expert Mirva Saukkola, we collected this summer season’s hottest trends. Take these into account in your collection and pique the interest of trendy consumers.

Romance translates as floral patterns

This summer, romance is strongly present in womenswear. There are all kinds of floral patterns from delicate to impressive prints.

“Floral patterns complement many styles. A floral dress is perfect for a feminine look but you can also make use of it in a scarf or a pocket square with leather pants,” says fashion expert Mirva Saukkola.

It’s all about colours

Summertime is a celebration of colours when the nature comes to life. Show it also in what you wear! This summer, delicate shades of pink and a bold bright yellow are found in almost every collection.

“Save it for the autumn to wear black from head to toe. Just a perky T-shirt or a pair of colourful earrings are enough to add some joy into your outfit,” tells Saukkola.

Comfortable footwear for summer streets

What would be more fun than wandering around summery streets or hopping on a bike? It’s good to choose comfortable shoes for these kinds of moments. When you have a pair of trainers or sneakers that fit you well, you can walk from dawn till dusk.

“The trends don’t favour restrictive summer shoes. Cycling culture has spread from cities like Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Berlin to other European countries, which means that comfortable shoes are the thing now. Women can combine trainers, sneakers or brogues with a feminine outfit, which adds an interesting edge to the look,” says Saukkola.

Fashionistas make ecological and ethical choices

Fast fashion and running after quickly changing trends have decreased in the past few years when the more ecological values have gained a foothold among consumers.

“The consumers of today want to invest in quality and make carefully planned purchases as they communicate so much about your own personal brand. Galloping after each new trend  is not desirable any longer, it’s more important to live by ecological and ethical values,” says Saukkola.

Summer cosmetics add a pop of colour

Nude colours and light make-up have been in for a long while, but finally this summer adds a bit of edge to them as colours pop everywhere in the make-up palettes of fashionistas.

“Colours are more present also in cosmetics. Electric blue or other sassy eyeliner colours light up your face. But remember that your skin doesn’t need that much colour: always remember to protect yourself with a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor,” says Saukkola.

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