Finland’s first bicycle parking facility will open at Mall of Tripla

The new centre of Helsinki is located in the intersection of the cycling route network crisscrossing the city. The bicycle parking facility opening at Mall of Tripla in 2019 will have a vast selection of storage, repair and maintenance services for both cycling enthusiasts and more casual bicycle commuters.

Being currently constructed in Pasila, Tripla has the best location in Finland when it comes to accessibility: over a fourth of the Finnish population lives within a half-an-hour trip with good transportation connections. By 2022, the new centre of Helsinki in Pasila will be ready to welcome over 40 million annual visitors. The daily people flow generated by new services, offices, hotels, and apartments is significant – and not only in the Finnish scale. Therefore, there is a huge need for bicycle parking and services related to cycling.

Cycling has increased its popularity in Finland in the recent years, and the enthusiasm seems to continue strong also in the future. More and more people opt to commute by bike at least during the summer months, and the Helsinki City Bikes that were re-introduced to the streets last summer are very popular.

Helsinki is taking steps to become a more bicycle-friendly city: cycling in the city is being revolutionized by the development of the cycling route network and the inner city cycling paths. With the new public transport hub opening at Mall of Tripla in 2019, Pasila will become the centre of both public transport and bicycle traffic, since it will be the place where the cycling routes coming from all directions meet.

Parking solutions for all needs

Mall of Tripla will be easy to access by bike, since Finland’s first bicycle parking facility will open at the mall. The parking facility, with room for over a thousand bicycles, sets the pace for new cycling culture and strengthens the reputation of Helsinki as a bicycle-friendly city.

All in all, Mall of Tripla will have parking for 3,500 bikes. There are bike racks located near each entrance to ensure smooth shopping experience no matter which direction you are coming from. In addition, there will be secure indoor parking for bikes for longer-term storage. The storage needs of Tripla’s future residents have also been taken into account when planning the bicycle parking facility.

A club and services for cycling enthusiasts

The interest towards cycling has increased quickly in Finland – at such a pace that the supply of cycling services has not been able to keep up. The service providers at the bicycle parking facility will answer the great demand with their versatile professional solutions. In addition, the cycling centre will host a communal club for cyclists with cycling tours and extensive services for its members. The club will offer social facilities and lounge areas for cyclists, who can in the future enjoy longer bike rides even before or after work thanks to the washing and storage facilities.

”The cycling concept of Mall of Tripla has been planned to meet the needs of the people in Helsinki, considering all different target groups and their various needs. Cycling services have a natural connection with the urban centre of Tripla and are profitable business for the business owners,” says Tomas Syrjänen, the father of the cycling concept and Account Manager at Mall of Tripla.

Smooth traffic – no matter how you arrive

The new public transport station will make Pasila the busiest transport hub in Finland: approximately 200,000 people are expected to pass through Pasila every day. Connections to Tripla have been planned to be easy for all passengers: Tripla can be reached smoothly by public transportation, by car, on foot, or by bike.

The new bicycle parking facility also enables smooth connecting traffic. It’s possible choose an agile mix of different modes of transport from public transportation, car traffic, and cycling – for various needs.

”We have thought about all possible target groups when planning Mall of Tripla: public transport users, motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists,” says Pirjo Aalto, Commercial Development Director, Mall of Tripla. “Mall of Tripla will meet all the needs that people might have in the future, and we wanted to make the sopping paradise as easily accessible as possible for everyone.”