A lucky coincidence started a career at YIT

Jose Dominguez Del Villar started his career at YIT by accident, but what made him stay were the people who were willing to help each other and the company culture that allows everyone to be heard.

When Jose Dominguez Del Villar came to Finland the first time, he was impressed by it’s safety, the cold and the darkness.

After he ended his career as a professional basketball player in Finland he decided to stay and finished his bachelor’s degree in international business and started working as an engineer in a tech company. By the time he ended up in YIT, Dominguez Del Villar had already worked at Gemalto and KONE and later joined a program in Hanken School of Economics in which connections to different companies were made to get a three month period “internship” for the participants.

“YIT picked me from the program and after the “internship” period I signed a normal permanent contract and stayed”, says Jose Dominguez Del Villar with a smile.

The image did not come up to expectations

The image that Jose Dominguez Del Villar had of YIT, and especially Infrastructure segment where he works, was bunch of old people in a grey office putting their heads down and working the way they have always worked.

“I was so wrong! There are lots of young people, people are pro digitalization and using modern equipment. It was a surprise for me that YIT is so forward looking and everyone gets to express their opinion, are listened to and can make things better in the company”, grins Dominguez Del Villar.

There are many different career opportunities at YIT, even if you are not looking for them. The company sees the employee’s capabilities and offers the right position at the right time of your career. That is what happened to Jose too after a while.

“I’ve seen it happen to other people and then I got a great opportunity in Infrastructure segments Business development team, even though I wasn’t looking for it. Now I work for example with revenue forecast, competitor analysis, project selection criteria, profit margins and change of portfolio. We are developing new things and my bosses are very forward looking”, says Dominguez Del Villar.

YIT Jose Dominguez Del Villar holiday.jpg

Improving infrastructure business

One of the most important things for Jose and it is why he enjoys working at YIT so much, it the possibility to see the results of his work.

“We are improving Infrastructure business and I’m given clear goals and freedom to think how it is done step by step. I can see how my work is affecting the company.”

One of the perks of his job is also the fact that there are no two days that are similar. It has been like that the whole time at YIT and Jose can’t honestly point out anything that he would dislike at his work. The time at YIT has taught him something very valuable.

“You cannot do anything by yourself, no matter what it is, you will need somebody and at YIT that is not a problem. You always get help when needed”, says Jose Dominguez Del Villar.

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