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Maistraatinportti in the heart of Pasila offers unique business premises for various needs!

In Maistraatinportti in the heart of Pasila, your company will be operating in bright, renovated premises by excellent services and traffic connections, right next door to Tripla. The offices have access to a cosy restaurant on the street level. Here, your business will have a vantage point to the fastest developing area in Helsinki.

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Total floor area
12200 m²
Pasila has developed into the second city centre of Helsinki with Tripla’s completion. Furthermore, the Trigoni tower area on the south side of Tripla will increase the entire area’s profile even more.
Bus and tram stops are right outside the property. A short walk to Pasila station and the public transport terminal indoors through Mall of Tripla.
Other services
A restaurant or café will be included in the property. In addition, it’s possible to realise exercise facilities or a meeting centre in the location.

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