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Maistraatinportti - light and energy for the working day

Maistraatinportti is exceptionally bright for an office building. The original design includes a glass ceiling, light shafts and playful windows that bring a lot of natural light from which office workers get both enjoyment and work energy.

Maistraatinportti is also connected to the rest of the world. In the rapidly developing Pasila, you can easily reach jogging paths, Lapland or London.

There are still 410 m² - 3830 m² of office premises available in this high-quality property. Act now and reserve the premises of your dreams!

Project details

Project name
Total floor area
12200 m²
Pasila has developed into the second city centre of Helsinki with Tripla’s completion. Pasila is the most accessible place in Finland whether you use public transport, your own car or a bike. With the construction of new offices and retail space, the number of jobs in Pasila will double to around 50,000 by 2040.
Bus and tram stops are right outside the property. A short walk to Pasila station and the public transport terminal indoors through Mall of Tripla.
Other services
According to plans Maistraatinportti will provide lobby services, a cafe, common meeting rooms, a gym, social facilities and bicycle storage among other things.

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