Shopping Centre Dixi’s extension is now open

The expanded Dixi in Tikkurila now houses almost 40 attractive shops. The shopping centre expansion brought more restaurants to the area but it now also includes many new special boutiques and a brand new fitness centre that is open 24/7.

Shopping centre Dixi is located in connection with the Tikkurila railway station, and almost 10 million people visit Dixi every year. The extension introduced new shops and services under Dixi’s roof along with plenty of modern office space. Dixi’s restaurant and café offering multiplied with exciting new players. The opening of Dixi’s second phase was celebrated on 27 April when the new section of the shopping centre was opened to public.

‘The opening was a homerun. When compared to a normal day, we had around 9,000 customers more than usually, which is quite a big increase in numbers! Many shops also reached record-breaking sales. All in all, the atmosphere at the opening was very positive,’ says Meri Kajas, Dixi’s Marketing Manager.

The three-day opening included, among other things, performances by different local groups and actors. Also the shopping centre’s shops and restaurants had invested in the opening with attractive offers—and even the much loved Moomins made an appearance on stage for the delight of the little customers!

The extension especially livens up the restaurant offering around the entire Tikkurila area. Dixi now houses Street Gastro, Cafe il Mondo, Chalupa, Eat Your Greens, Subway and Burger King, which offer easy and interesting alternatives for those looking to grab a bite.

‘The extension’s focus is strongly in restaurants. I’m sure the people living in the area are interested in this as well as those who work in the offices around Dixi. Now there are more options for lunch breaks. In addition to the restaurants, Nissen, K-Market and Fitness24Seven opened their doors as new actors in Dixi. Our next goal is to attract interesting players to the few retail spaces we still have available,’ says Kajas.

‘Dixi’s opening was very successful. Even though our expectations for Dixi were high, the number of customers and the general interest towards us was a positive surprise. We gained a significant number of new customers in connection with the opening,’ said Janne Rögård, Fitness24Seven’s Country Manager, about the opening frenzy.

Located in the heart of Tikkurila, Dixi is an active shopping centre and meeting point where residents of the area and people working in the neighbourhood can find all their daily services and shopping from under one roof. The more diverse restaurant offering has only increased Dixi’s attractiveness to the people of the nearby areas as well as train passengers especially during lunch hour and in the weekends. Also new boutiques and a modern fitness centre create a yet more diverse offering in the shopping centre.

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