More international brands newly land in the Mall of Tripla

In the Mall of Tripla, thousands of square metres have been leased to new brands landing in Finland. In addition to fashion trendsetters, new businesses join our growing range of restaurants.

The leasing of premises at Mall of Tripla in Pasila has proceeded successfully, and over 80% of the shopping centre’s 75,000 square metres have been leased already. Mall of Tripla opens in just under a year, and now the last of its 250 retail premises are beginning to fill up.

The newest tenants will particularly delight fashion as well as food and drink enthusiasts with brands that have never been seen in Finland before.

“More and more new brands are choosing Finland as their gateway into the Scandinavian market. Mall of Tripla is attractive because it offers an unrivalled selection of stores and services. The Finnish Music Hall of Fame (FAME) and Surf Beach Helsinki are examples of business models that are new to Finland, and they pique international companies’ interest in the shopping centre,” says Pirjo Aalto, Commercial Development Director at YIT.

Click here to read more about Mall of Tripla’s new fashion industry tenant the LPP Group.

Flavours and atmosphere from Turin and Boston

Tripla will house plenty of niche boutiques and a Market Zoo, where small-scale and local producers will be presented in a cosy setting reminiscent of an indoor market.

“Niche refers to a narrower specialisation of a product area where the offering is otherwise limited. Niche products and boutiques attract customers who are very quality conscious. Small-scale and local producers are often specialised niche operators, too,” says Aalto.

One truly specialised operator is the ice cream cafe chain Menodiciotto, which may be familiar to Finns from trips to London and New York. If the name isn’t familiar to Finns yet, we will soon learn to connect it with these six words: the best gelato in the world.

Menodiciotto has its roots in Turin, a city famous for its ice cream. One of its many innovations is the chocolate-covered ice cream bar, or as Finns know it, Pingviini ice cream bar. Menodiciotto’s silky smooth gelatos and delicious Italian coffees have earned the praise of foodies all over the word - be sure to come and have a taste!

Another establishment bringing flavours and atmosphere from abroad to the Mall of Tripla is O’Learys, which will open a 550 square metre sports bar in the Mall of Tripla. O’Learys is known as a favourite haunt of every travelling sports fan and all friends of delicious finger food. The concept of the company, which recently turned 30, is to bring a piece of a Boston sports bar and Boston’s food culture to all. Hamburgers, ribs, wings, quesadillas and delicious grill food taste the best in good company while supporting your favourite team or athlete together.

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